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Bridge Social Care Website


Care in the community, revolutionised.

Streamlining Discharge – Integrating Stakeholders – Improving Patient Outcomes

The Problem

The discharge process is outdated, inefficient, and cumbersome resulting in both significant human and financial costs with prolonged stays increasing the risk of complications and dissatisfaction, while costing health systems billions each year. Transforming the discharge process is necessary to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

We Can Help!

Bridge is a SaaS marketplace revolutionising the discharge process through a centralised software platform integrating all stakeholders and modernising the process to prioritise timely discharge and establish efficient workflows for providers.

We bring together all patients onto one, easy to use platform.


Real-time updates and tracking for all of your patients.


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When is Bridge launching?


Bridge is launching in 2023. Sign up to ensure you are alerted when we launch in your area.

Who do we work with?


Whether you’re a care authority, hospital, locum agency, or patient, we want to work with you.

How can we join?

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We’re currently engaging with all stakeholders so we’d love to hear from you.